Problem Statement


You arrive for your journey home at Purr Airline, to discover the airport in mayhem. Double-bookings, missed connections galore! The desk agent reveals that the airline is still being run on paper and punchcards.

With your flight time ticking closer, you face a critical challenge: to swiftly digitize the airline for 2023.


Your task is to engineer the backbone of Purr Airline: a robust, intuitive flight booking system. Users will have to be able to book flights in the airport, where they can log in, check the available flights, and book a seat.


Users can choose their seats, but the cost they'll pay is determined by the Pricing Service, which takes into account the demand and amenities for you. You'll need to ask the Pricing Service for the cost of a seat, and display it to the user.


The sprawling airport handles hundreds of thousands of eager travelers a day among its hundred floors. The system should handle this load without letting the customer go through checkout for an already-booked seat. The information customers see should be as real-time as possible.


Design this system by writing out your plan. Remember to cover all the crucial requirements and explain your thinking as you go.


Run tests to get feedback